Aquarius Bath House

Aquarius club is one of the best known swingers clubs in Winnipeg. It is a place to play regardless of your sexual orientation. You can meet both straight and bi-curious couples, singles and those that are gay only. The staff is friendly and expects that all participants act in a respectful manor towards the other participants.

There are two common lounging areas for meeting others socially or sexually. One on the second floor and one in the basement.

The one on the top floor is nicely decorated (leather couches and Ottomans). It is fairly well lit (with big screen airing continuous sexual content) and it’s not uncommon to see participants simply chatting in one area while an orgy may be happening in another area at the same time.

The basement lounging area caters to most anything but especially to those looking to fulfil a fetish or two. It is very dimly lit and contains a large assortment of apparatus ( bondage apparatus, slings, pummel horses,flogging posts, etc.) that’s there for the use of all. If one is looking to give indiscriminate oral to a stranger – there are several cubicles that have glory holes.

Or if a husband /boyfriend wishes for his wife to entertain a group of men – this is the place to be.

457 Notre Dame Ave, Winnepeg Manitoba R3B 1R4