Wicked Club

Wicked Club is the premier nightclub for adults looking to broaden their sexual horizon! No swinging required, this beautifully laid out palace is for people who range from “just curious” to “this is how it’s done”.

Wicked Club is a private members’ club, described as a sophisticated hedonistic club, it provides a safe & erotic environment where guests can dress or dance as they dare and explore their wild side! Guests are voyeurs, exhibitionists, curious, swingers, non-swingers and ordinary people just like you who want to enjoy an evening of erotic fun.

Club Facilities:

  • 3 floors
  • 3 smoking patios
  • 2 dance floors
  • Penthouse for adult play

When you enter the first thing you do is dance, drink, enjoy our more casual amenities. Ask one of our beautiful hostesses for a tour of the location and they will answer any questions you have.

The penthouse is in it’s own discrete floor, equipped with change rooms, showers and a multitude of erotic play rooms.

Play rooms include but are not limited to; voyeur room (with one way mirrors), fully mirrored room (for the people who want to watch themselves), multi-level “group” room and other semi private and private rooms.

1032 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON, m6j 1h7