Club Debauchery

The name of this club doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination about what you will find inside its doors.They consider themselves Ottawa’s premier adult lifestyle club, and they aren’t kidding. Club Debauchery specializes in the providing its members with hottest sex-positive, BDSM, and kink experiences. It was Ottawa’s first sex-positive club, and it continues to help grow the community by operating as an educational space as an educational space as well.

With a population of almost 1.3 million in the greater metropolitan area, Edmonton is the 6th most populous city in Canada. As well as having a large number of residents, it is also a popular destination for tourists to North America and offers a huge number of ways to keep people entertained. As well as strip its strip clubs, erotic massage parlors and active bar scene, Edmonton also has a thriving sex club scene.

In this feature, we take a look at the swinger’s, BDSM and sex clubs open for adult playtime in Alberta’s capital city. We also give you some other options around the province including networking opportunities, festivals and campouts.