A bath house, Steamworks is conveniently located in West Downtown on Jasper Avenue. It has been open since 2003 and has principally been a hangout for gay and bisexual men; however, the club also runs mixed coed nights where women and straight men are also welcome.

As well as being open for general ‘fraternizing’, Steamworks also runs weekly and monthly special events which include theme nights and fetish parties.

It is recommended that first timers talk to the staff on arrival who can advise on the etiquette and code of conduct. Certainly, newcomers may prefer to book a private room for their first foray to the venue. As a spa, the common areas include wet steam, dry sauna and hot tub areas where most guests are either fully nude or wearing fetish gear. There is also a central lounge for cruising but most of the action takes place in private play rooms some of which include equipment like slings and swings plus more besides.