Calgary Adult Playground

We are a FUN, private adult social club for adventurous adults…MODERN COUPLES. We’re an upscale club, one that offers an alternative to mainstream nightclubs and underground sex clubs. We’re based on a foundation of respect, discretion, comfort and safety. We are not a sex/orgy club although we do welcome open, swingers, poly, same sex relations D/s and those curious about it.

The majority of our members are experienced lifestylers or curious or relatively new to swinging, bi-sexuality, polyamory, etc, while other members enjoy dressing sexy, nudity, exhibitionism/voyeurism, fetishes, etc. Our philosophy is that sexuality is healthy and should be explored in a consensual and safe manner. Our focus is on friendship and mutual respect and no pressure or expectations are placed on other members.

Admittance is by invitation only. This enables us to grow a membership of like-minded individuals. Some of our members are not into swinging or D/s, but they love to dress sexy and have a place to go to be seen and have a little fantasy, playful fun through various theme parties. Other members enjoy meeting like-minded people for friendship and possible relationship.